Leighton Meester may be breaking out in the movie scene right now, with lead roles in Country Strong and The Roommate, but that doesn't mean we will forget her as Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf!

In fact, Meester recently talked about her Gossip Girl role with Popeater, and she must be a pretty good actress, because she revealed she is nothing at all like the character she plays on the show!

Leighton Meester is Nothing Like Blair Waldorf

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"I work on a show where I feel literally, maybe one percent in common with the character," Meester said.

Meester says it is Blair's manipulative actions and desire to get what she wants at any cost that makes the character so unrelatable.

Leighton Meester is Nothing Like Blair Waldorf

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However, Leighton has found a way to portray the character of Blair Waldorf, despite how different it is from reality.

"You have to somehow find common ground, otherwise you hate them," she added.  "The character I play on Gossip Girl is incrediblymanipulative and conniving and, you know, this heightened personalityin this weird universe that doesn't even really exist."

Do you think Leighton Meester is as different from her character as she says?!

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