Ricky Gervais has received quite a bit of criticism for hiscomments while he was hosting the Golden Globes last Sunday, Jan. 16. While hemay be defending himself in some way -- don’t expect an apology!

Gervais appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight to discussthe issue. “I’m not sorry for anything I said, because I’m not going toapologize for being true to myself,” he said. “I don’t care what people thinkof me. I care if I’ve done a good job, and I care if I’ve told the truth.”

Ricky Gervais Defends His Golden Globes Hosting Gig

His comments about Charlie Sheen’s latest scandal, RobertDowney Jr.’s arrest history, Hugh Hefner’s new engagement, and the box officebomb of The Tourist were just a few comments that put Gervais in hot water. While some people in the audience, especially the stars whowere in the audience, didn’t find his comments too hysterical, Gervais doesn’tcare!   

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 “Just because you’reoffended, it doesn’t mean you’re in the right,” he told Morgan. “A lot ofpeople are offended by mixed marriage. It doesn’t mean they’re right.”

One celebrity in particular decided to voice his opinionabout Gervais’ comments, Robert Downey Jr. Before Downey took the stage topresent an award, Gervais took the opportunity to joke about the actors pastaddiction problems.

Ricky Gervais Defends His Golden Globes Hosting Gib

“Aside from the fact that it’s been hugely mean-spirited,with mildly sinister undertones, I’d say the vibe of the show is pretty good sofar, wouldn’t you?” Downey said. 

Gervais’ response? He thought Downey was joking and has nohard feelings.

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“Why would he be?” Gervais asked Morgan.  “He’s Robert Downey Jr. He’s the coolest man inthe world? Why would he care?”

While some of the jokes may have hit too close to home forsome, Gervais stands by his reasons.

“There’s nothing you shouldn’t joke about,” he said. “Itdepends what the joke is. Comedy comes from a good or a bad place, and I liketo think that mine comes from a good place.”

What do you think? Was Ricky in the wrong?

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