Withall the rumors circulating about her relationship with Justin Bieber, SelenaGomez is changing the topic to something more her style – fashion!

Anybodythat has seen Gomez, either on the red carpet or just walking down the street,knows that the girl has taste. She even launched her own fashion collection,Dream Out Loud for Kmart last year!

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Selena Gomez Talks Fashion!

Selenagave her fans some tips on how to wear what’s right for you. “I love style, butwhen someone else thinks something is perfect for you, but you don’t, then it’stheir style, not yours,” she said.

The18 year old often tries new looks herself, which can range from casual whenshe isn’t working, to red carpet glamor when she is. While looking perfect ispart of her job, Selena admits her main goal is to enjoy her style.

“Becomfortable and have fun,” she tells her fans in Top of the Pops magazine.

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Selena Gomez Talks Fashion!

Beingcomfortable in your clothes is something everyone can agree on; however, what doesSelena wear when she wants to stay comfy, but also look glamorous?

“Ilove jeggings – they’re so comfortable…I buy scarves and necklaces in loads ofdifferent colors and textures, too. These accessories can help give you avintage look.”


Whatdo you think of Selena’s style?