The beautiful Emily Blunt debuted a lighter shade of locks at the UK premiere of the newest Starz animated film,  Gnomeo & Juliet.

The usually dark tressed beauty changed her color for a new sci-fi flick she is currently filming with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt called Looper.

Emily Blunt Debuts Blond Locks for new movie, Looper

Looper is centered on a killer (Gordon-Levitt) who works for the mob of the future. He, along with other “Loopers,” dispose of the bodies of people sent back in time. When he recognizes one victim as his future self (Bruce Willis), he hesitates, letting the man escape. In order to save his immediate future, the man needs to track down and kill his future self, while his future self is trying to find and kill a young boy who is the key to his survival in the future. Emily Blunt will play the mother of the boy.

Piper Parabo and Jeff Daniels have also been added to the cast roster.

The movie doesn't come out until 2012, but for now it seems the new hair color is a nice change for Emily!

What do you think of Emily's new color?

Photos Courtesy of Fame Pictures