The rumors have been circulating that the friendship between Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad that developed on The Hills was officially over.

However,Whitney has taken to her blog to announce that the news of her andLauren fighting is completely false and that the two are actually stillfriends!

Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port: Still Friends!

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"I just want to clear up that everything is fine between Lauren and me.   So to put the rumor to rest, I wanted to let you know that there are no hard feelings between us!  I shared something so amazing with her and just because the show is over doesn't mean our friendship is over!" Whitney wrote.

The rumors began last week when it was reported that Port blamed Conrad for the cancellation of her reality television show The City. US Magazine reported that after that the BFFs had "gone their separate ways."

Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port: Still Friends!

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Because Lauren and Whitney are both extremely busy with their careers in fashion, and for Lauren, also as an author, they probably don't get to see each other often, but like Whitney said, that does not mean they aren't friends anymore.

Conrad was supposed to have a brand new show airing on MTV focusing on her fashion career, but the network dropped it becuase they did not feel it applied to their demographic.  However, now Conrad is supposedly negotiating with other networks to get her show on air!

Are you glad to see Whitney and Lauren are still friends?!

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