Tom Sturridge and Rachel Bilson's new romantic drama, Waiting For Forever, tells the story of a wandering street performer (Sturridge) who follows his childhood best friend and crush (Bilson) around the country without her knowing.  While the plot is seemingly strange, the acting is on point and the characters are well-developed. 

Our own Katie Krause sat down with Rachel and Tom to talk about their new film, check out Hollywire's exclusive video:



The adorable co-stars revealed they loved the script -- and of course working with each other in the exclusive interview.  "I really wanted to work with Rachel Bilson.  It was kind of one of those things I wanted to do before I died," said Sturridge.  Rachel agreed with Tom's sweet sentiment.  "I just thought it was a really interesting script -- and of course working with Tom, not too shabby either.  It was just sort of different than other things that were out there," she said.  

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waiting for forever - rachel bilson and tom sturridge

While Tom revealed he actually learned how to juggle for his role -- he also admitted he garnered some inspiration from a certain Friend. "You kind of grow up watching Friends all the time - so basically I just did a sort of Ross impression," he joked. 

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waiting for forever - rachel bilson and tom sturridge

As for whether or not Sturridge and Bilson are harboring any feelings for any of their past crushes, Bilson revealed she missed the boat with comedian Larry David while Tom had more of a sentimental answer.  "I think pretty much every love situation I've ever had in my life is generally unrequited.  I mean, they are not even lingering, they are sort of inflamed," he admitted.  

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Waiting For Forever hits theaters on February 4th, 2011.