Beyonce Knowles sat down with Teen Vogue to discuss everything fragrance. The popular singer has just released her second celebrity fragrance, Heat Rush, which is a spin-off of her first fragrance, Heat.

In the interview with Teen Vogue, Beyonce discusses her fragrances, of course, being a powerful woman and body image.


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Teen Vogue: "What is your first memory of fragrance?"

Beyonce: "My first memory of fragrance was from my mother. I can still remember her scent and her stilettos and I still associate the two. She would put on her fragrance and then moments later I would hear her stilettos as she prepared to go out. She introduced me to fragrance."

TV: You just released Heat Rush, a spin-off of your original fragrance. How are they different?

B: "Heat is a spicier scent and is bursting with the Red Vanilla Orchid. Heat Rush is fresher and lighter and the Yellow Tiger Orchid is top note in the fragrance. I love them both for different reasons but they both feature my favorite flower, which is the orchid."

TV: "Which does Jay like better?"

B: "They are both approved by him."

TV: "A lot of your songs - Irreplaceable, Me, Myself and I, Ring the Alarm, Diva, etc - focus on female empowerment. What does it mean to you to be a powerful woman?"

B: "It means that you get to speak your mind and make decisions wisely that matter now and in the future. It means controlling your destiny and creating your own legacy."

TV: "You were selected as the celebrity with the best body image by Teen Vogue readers in 2010. Do you have any words of wisdom for girls who are struggling with their image?"

B: "That was very nice and I am flattered. Thank you Teen Vogue readers. The best thing I can say to young ladies is accept the body you're in. If you have curves, love your curves. The thing to strive for is to have the best healthy body you can have. It's really not about being skinny or being curvy. What matters is that you love yourself and you are taking care of your health."

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