To the delight of his fans on this side of the border, Booboo Stewart made a VERY quick trip home to Los Angeles over the weekend to attend a Twilight convention.  He flew in Saturday morning, attended the convention both Saturday and Sunday, and now, Monday morning, is back in Vancouver!  Upon his arrival, he stopped to sign autographs for some of his fans...what a nice guy!

Booboo Stewart back in Vancouver after short trip for Twilight to LA

Hollywire stopped in at the Twilight convention to see how Booboo was doing...he said that the filming is going great and that he's scheduled to be in Vancouver until April.  

Booboo Stewart back in Vancouver after trip home to LA

Booboo has become quite the globetrotter with all these conventions worldwide!  He seems to be handling the success, fame and endless travel admirably.  Maybe his supportive family helps to keep him grounded, as Papa Booboo stays in Vancouver with his son over the long months away from home.  Sister Fivel, whom Booboo is very close to, has been so busy herself that she has yet to be able to go see her brother on set.  Well she has a few more weeks to get herself up there!