Ellie Goulding has already conquered the UK -- and now the British songstress is creating some serious buzz about herself in the US.  The 24-year-old's first full length album Lights shot to #1 on the UK chart in 2010 and she took home The Critics Choice Award at the 2010 Brit Awards.  Goulding's Lights was just released in the US earlier this month -- and we've been listening to it on repeat ever since! 

Hollywire's own Katie Krause sat down with the talented gal inside her Austin, Texas hotel room during SXSW.  Ellie opened up about the album, how she got her start in music (she's completely self-taught!), and dished on what it's like performing in the US as opposed to the UK.  

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While Ellie is relatively new to the music scene, she's been prepping for her break-out moment for quite some time.  "I'm a self-taught singer and guitarist.. and kind-of drummer - but not really.  I've taught myself pretty much everything," she said modestly.  "I've actually now just started having singing lessons to just control my voice and help it last longer."  We just love that! 

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Lights is filled with tunes that everyone can relate to.  From pop-dancey jams to honest, straightforward and heartfelt songs... Ellie's album has something for everyone.  For more on Goulding, head to her official site

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Lights is available now!  Make sure to pick up your company on iTunes!