Teen singer Selena Gomez released her latest single Who Saysa few weeks ago and now she’s opening up about her new album which is set torelease this summer!

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Gomez spoke to MTV News about her new album and how her lifeexperiences since A Year Without Rain helped her create her record.

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The third record is really fun, and there's a songcalled Hit the Lights that I love, and it's basically about every missedopportunity that you've had, she said. But it's also a dance track.There's a lot more depth [on this album].

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Selena tried something new this time around – writing!

Iam writing, very excited, she said. There's one song that Ico-wrote with Toby Gad: It's kind of like a compliment song slash dig, she explained. It's really fun. It's basically saying, 'I had a fewpeople who weren't treating me right, but now I have wonderful people.' So it'slike I'm thanking my friends while saying goodbye to the other people. It'svery therapeutic.

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Along withworking with Gad, Gomez bounced ideas off of British pop singer Pixie Lott!

Thereis one [song] that I'm completely in love with, and it was written by PixieLott, who I am obsessed with, she said. And it's my mom's favoritesong. It's very sweet. It's kind of a ballad, but not really. It's basicallyabout living in the moment; it's about enjoying right now. I'm very muchenjoying right now. I'm in a good place.

Do youthink Selena’s new album sounds like a hit or a miss?


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