Though you might not be super familiar with the name Skylar Grey, we're almost certain you've heard at least one of her hit singles.  She's the talented artist behind Eminem + Rihanna's heartfelt song Love The Way You Lie as well as Diddy Dirty Money's Coming Home and Eminem + Dr. Dre's I Need a Doctor.  Hollywire is sure that Skylar Grey will be making even bigger waves in the music industry as soon as her solo album drops. 

Hollywire's own Katie Krause caught up with Skylar on the Fogo De Chao rooftop in Austin, Texas during SXSW.  The 25-year-old songbird opened up about her new album, signing with Interscope, why she changed her name from Holly Brook and of course -- her very famous co-writes. 

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Skylar revealed to Hollywire that her work on Love The Way You Lie literally changed her entire life.  "We found out it was going on Eminem's record and that Rihanna was going to sing it -- and ever since then my whole life changed.  I was living up in the woods in Oregon all sad and depressed about the music industry and how bad it had been to me... and then all this great stuff happens!"

The talented singer also admitted that she had no idea Eminem was going to take the hit tune to the extreme that he did in regards to abusive relationships.  In fact, when Skylar penned the song -- she drew inspiration from her fickle relationship with the music industry. 


Skylar Grey is no stranger to the music industry.  She released an album with Warner Brothers in 2006 under the name Holly Brook.  So, why the name change?  "I kind of grew out of being that person.  Holly Brook was a girl that my parents named when I was born and they didn't know who I was and I didn't know who I was!  Over the past few years, I kind of experienced a lot of turmoil and I did a lot of soul searching and I realized I wasn't that person.  I didn't want to be named the person that I was before, so changing my name was more of a life choice than just for being an artist," she said.    

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Amidst everything Grey has gone through in the music industry, she remains optimistic and just as passionate as ever.  "The biggest thing I've learned is that nobody is going to work as hard as me," she told Katie.  Skylar also dished about details on her new album and how excited she is to be part of the Interscope family.  Watch the full interview above!

For more Skylar Grey, head to her official site -- and be on the lookout for her solo album to drop in a few months!

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