Kim Kardashian endorses more products than people can even remember, but for right now, she is putting a big focus on her endorsement of Skechers Shape-Up shoes, which are said to tone the body just from walking while wearing them.

Yesterday, April 12, Kim hit the beach in Santa Monica, CA with her mom Kris Jenner to film a new commercial for the shoes. Check out the pics!

Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Film Skecher's Ad

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This isn't the first time Kim has filmed an ad for these shoes!  The first one cost $3 million and aired during a coveted time slot - the Superbowl.  However, that ad faced a lot of negativity because of how sexual it was.  The commercial showed Kim having a rather steamy session with her trainer before telling him she didn't need his help anymore because her Shape-Ups did his job for him. 

But this time, the commercial looks a little more fun and PG-rated than the last!  We can't know for sure, but from the pics it seems like Kim is teaching her mom how to work out in the exercise-driven shoes. 

Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Film Skecher's Ad

In the ad, Kim wears her hair in a slicked back, tight ponytail and sports a tight, bright pink sports top with knee-length black leggings to match her black Shape-Ups.  Kris played it a bit more conservative and opted for longer black leggings, a black tank top and a tight, white jacket.  Either way, both ladies look to be in awesome shape!

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This isn't the first time that Kim has been spotted out wearing her Shape-Ups, either!  Just the day before Kim was pictured going to the gym with one of her sisters and was photographed wearing her Skechers.  While Kim may be doing a good job in the commercial teaching Kris how to get in shape, her mom definitely played her part the day before making sure Kim was giving her product good publicity!

How do you think Kim's new Shape-Up commercial will turn out!?

Photos Courtesy of: Fame Pictures