Rebecca Black's ever-present anthem Friday may have been called the "worst song ever" and mocked by a number of comics, but the 13-year-old's music video has reached over 100-million YouTube views!!  Come-on, you gotta say it -- WOW girl!!

Possibly even more amazing than her video hitting the magic marker is that she did it even faster than Justin Bieber's Baby video!!  While Biebs took 67 days to reach this MEGA milestone, Black took just 63!  Is Rebecca Black's Friday really more popular than Biebs' Baby?? You be the judge and take a look at both videos below!

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Photo collage of Rebecca Black + Justin Bieber

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Although we are thoroughly impressed by Black's accomplishment, we still think Biebs is THE MAN!! 

What do you think about this 4 day difference?? Tell us what you think by commenting below!!