Bradley Cooper smiles on the cover of Esquire’s summer issue, and the Hangover star talks about everything from living with his mother to bumping into a then uber-famous Leonardo DiCaprio when he worked as a hotel doorman in the 1990s.

Bradley Cooper Esquire Magazine

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Esquire's Lisa Taddeo chatted with the 36-year-old actor while the two made dinner in her NYC pad, and not only is Cooper an amazing cook, but he showed off his sensitive side as well.  Taddeo writes, "In the kitchen he connects his iPod and he is excited about the new Radiohead. He slings a dish towel over his shoulder and finds sauté pans in my cabinets ... He is careful about everything, he watches to make sure I don't oversalt ... I burn my hand in hot water, and he takes it in his, and inspects it for burns. He knows how to walk by someone on the way to the stove."  Awww!

Cooper talks about his mother, who has lived with him since his father passed away in January.  "I love having her," he says. "I wouldn't have it any other way." He reveals that he was very close to his dad, and he is now closer than ever with his mom, who he plans to accompany to Paris later this year.

Bradley Cooper Esquire Magazine

So after all that he's accomplished over the past few years, does he feel famous?  Cooper shakes his head and says, “Since Limitless opened, my agent calls me every morning and asks, ‘Do you fell any different?’ And I’m like, ‘Nope. Do you feel any different?’”  Of course, it seems like his love life has received more coverage lately, and he reveals that he'd rather work on small indie projects than be a huge A-lister. "Being in Us Weekly does not make you famous. Paul Thomas Anderson does not read Us Weekly and go, 'Hey, look at this guy! I want this d*****bag in my next film.'"

Speaking of fame, Cooper also recalled running into Leonardo DiCaprio when the Titanic star was at the height of his 1990s fame.  Cooper covered the graveyard shift at the Morgans Hotel in NYC, and one night he ushered Leo up to his room, and he reveals that he thought they were “worlds apart."  Hmm, wonder if Leo remembers that?

The new issue of Esquire hits stands on May 30th.

Photos courtesy of Esquire/Nigel Parry