Justin Bieber is known for his love of pulling pranks, but over the weekend while performing in Sydney, Australia someone decided to turn the tables on him.

While performing his hit One Time, the teen singer was in for a great surprise when six eggs came flying from the audience, two of them just missing Bieber.  Check out the video!


Despite the quick distraction, Bieber held true to the saying 'The show must go on!' and didn't let the incident stop him from finishing the song and dance number.  The mess was cleaned up fairly quickly while Justin finished performing.  The only question left now is: Why would someone pay money to see Justin Bieber if they wanted to potentially ruin one of his performances and even possibly injure him if he slipped on the broken eggs!?

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Bieber also ran into some more trouble in Australia while on a plane, headed to continue his World Tour in Melbourne.  According to Sky News Australia, Justin and his bodyguard were wandering the plane, out of their seats, although the 'fasten seatbelt' sign had already been turned on just before take-off!

Justin Bieber Leaves Sydney

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The duo were asked to head back to their seats and told that they were a 'security risk.'  The flight attendant went even farther by then telling Bieber that he was acting like a child; therefore, he was going to be treated like one.  He's only 17!!!

Of course, in Bieber's classy fashion, he reportedly quickly apologized to the airline staff for his behavior and mistake. 

The teen pop star will continue his tour in Australia over the next week, but for his sake, we hope he has better luck moving forward!

Why do you think a fan trying to egg Justin Bieber!?

Photos Courtesy of: Fame Pictures & Pacific Coast News