Awww, how cute are these two?!  Over the weekend a pal tweeted this adorable shot of Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez relaxing in Hawaii, and it looks like Gomez has her man well trained!  And not only is the "Baby" singer one of the most popular teens on the planet, but judging by the expression on her face, he's also an expert masseuse!

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Hawaii foot massage

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In other Bieber news, the pop star recently hit 10 million followers on Twitter, which has him as the second most followed figure on the social networking site, behind Lady Gaga and ahead of President Barack Obama. 

Of course, dating one of the world's most famous young stars has its drawbacks, as Gomez has recently learned.  After pictures of the lovebirds frolicking in the ocean surfaced last week, an army of haters have taken to the internet and even gone as far as sending death threats to the Disney starlet!

So how does Gomez handle the negativity?  The 18-year-old singer/actress told Bliss magazine, "The negativity is very uncomfortable. I mean, like, everybody goes through it at high school.  Someone might bully you or say mean things - it's just a part of growing up - but when the whole world has an opinion on you and says things when they don't even know you, it's harsh.  I can read a thousand comments, but one bad comment will throw me off. If I'm honest, I can be too sensitive sometimes, but I try not to focus on it."

Photo courtesy of Twitter