Katy Perry seems to be having the year of her life!  Not only is she on the road right now with her California Dreams tour, but she is setting music records non-stop!

This week, the E.T. singer became the first ever to be in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for a full year.  WOW!

Katy Perry Performs Her California Dreams Tour

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A year ago, Katy dropped the single California Girls, and since then she hasn't gone one week without being in the top 10 of the Billboard charts.  Of course, this statistic is no surprise with the other hit songs she has had this year: Teenage Dream, Firework and E.T. In fact, E.T. is still rocking the top 10 at the number 2 spot this week!

And that's not the only record the pop star has broken recently!  E.T. has also sold 3 million digital copies, making it the sixth time one of Katy's songs have done so!  This makes her the first artist ever to have 6 songs with over 3 million copies digitally.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand at the European 'Arthur' Premiere

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Besides her amazing tour and all the records Katy has set, we can't forget that she also got married to funnyman Russell Brand within the past year.  What an amazing 12 months this has been for her.  With E.T. still blowing up the charts, there's no telling what Katy Perry is going to have in store for us next, but with the path she's been on, we're sure she won't dissappoint!

Do you think Katy Perry is worthy of setting these records?!

Photos courtesy of Fame Pictures