Lauren Conrad covers the July issue of Lucky mag, and the former reality TV star rocks a blazer, tank, and leather shorts from her own Paper Crown clothing line.  Loves it!

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So what challenges has Conrad faced since trying to make a name for herself as a fashion designer?  “It’s easier to launch the line without MTV,” she says. “A lot of people in fashion don’t want to be linked with anything that has to do with reality TV. Showrooms were turning us down.”  Of course, Conrad knew exactly what she was signing up for when she got her start on The Hills in 2006, but she insists that she "never wanted to end up in entertainment."  Though she's "totally aware" that she wouldn't be where she is today without the show, she says she only did it to kick start her fashion career.

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Conrad may have one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood, but she claims she's "just not a fan of the gym."  In fact, the 25-year-old starlet reveals that she absolutely hates it!  "I understand loving the feeling you get after working out — all those endorphins," she says.  "But going there? It’s the worst.”  While she may not be enthusiastic about getting her cardio on, she has made a few changes in her diet.  “I’m now focusing a lot more on my health," she continues.  "I no longer eat pork, I rarely eat beef, and I don’t like chicken now because my mother keeps four hens as pets. I’m not kidding.”  Lookin' good, LC!

Lauren Conrad Lucky Magazine

We love love love Lauren, but don't you think she should be a little more grateful to the network that made her a household name?

Photos courtesy of Lucky Magazine