With prom season in full swing -- Hollywire's own Katie Krause hit the red carpet at the premiere for Disney's newest flick PROM, where she got the low-down from young Hollywood on prom essentials that every student must have in preparation for their big night!

Check out the very informative video below, and let us know what's in your prom night survival kit!


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Receiving a variety of answers from the young stars, we think it's safe to say the top three prom night 'must-haves' include comfy shoes, chapstick & lip-gloss--  and of course double sided sticky tape, you know, to keep everything in place while hitting the dance floor! Ha! But then again you shouldn't forget gum, perfume a cell phone and... a pocket square?!

Prom Survival Kit List - Hollywire

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Charming Hollywood newcomer and star of the Disney flick, Thomas McDonell, joked about needing a premiere survival kit right then, saying, "I don't know, I need to use the survival kit now maybe, got anything for me!?" Ha! 

While the movie PROM is in theatres now, fill us in on your personal prom experience! 

What do you recommend is a major 'must-have' on the biggest night of the year!?