Could this really be happening? Are the Jonas Brothers donefor good? While the Jonas Brothers may not have performed together in a while,Nick says the rumors are NOT true.

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The youngest JoBro apeared on The View on Friday, June 10,and explained that the guys are “just taking some time to do some individual projects andenjoy that journey that each of us are on. It's exciting, you know, we're alldoing different things and kind of taking those experiences and then we'll comeback and do something soon.”

The Jonas Brothers on the red carpet in suits

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Since the three are working on solo projects, what exactlywill they be doing? Joe just released his first single, See No More, off his solodebut album. Kevin has been spending his time working at charity events withwife Danielle and the two are even talking about starting a family!

Nick has been hard at work working and producing otherartists. The singer got involved with The Quaker Chewy Project, looking for thenext big thing age eight to 14. He said the one person he is looking for issomeone who is passionate about music, just like he was at his age.

What do you think? Are you missing the Jonas Brothers?

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