Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way is an official smash hit, snagging the #1 spot on the Billboard charts after selling over a million copies in the U.S. last week.  

Gaga fans had access to her album everywhere and helped drive sales faster than any other album in the last five years.

Great music, lots of media exposure and creative marketing propelled Mother Monster to the top this week.  From Letterman and SNL to Twitter and Facebook, Gaga had a busy week promoting her new album.  Manager Troy Carter told The New York Times, "Our thing was, with Gaga being such a household name, being able to put her in places where people shop."  Fans found this album everywhere from iTunes to drug stores, to crashing website Amazon when they offered the album at a discounted rate.

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'

Whether you bought the album for the dance hit that was the title track, for the more provocative hit Judas, or for the crazy cover art, Born This Way is an official success and we applaud Lady Gaga and her creative genius.

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What is your favorite track on the album so far?

Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures