In case you've been living in a coffin for the past few weeks, the season four premiere of True Blood is this Sunday, and the stars of the hit HBO show have been everywhere promoting it!

Anna Paquin, Alex Skarsgard, Joe Manganiello and Stephen Moyer grace three separate Entertainment Weekly covers together, and they chat about their characters, the level of sexiness on the show and something new this season: witches!

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“I think that you can’t have True Blood and the vampire world we have created without there being a lot of sexiness," Paquin says.  "But there are a lot of really dark and sometimes quite scary places that the characters also go along the way. The more intense things get, the more intense everything else gets in terms of self-discovery, danger, and sex.”

So what about the witches?  It all starts when Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) run into a witch named Marnie (Fiona Shaw) in Shreveport. “She suddenly discovers that she has a few more powers than she thought,” explains Shaw, who attended a few Wiccan meetings in Los Angeles to prepare for the role. “Exciting things happen because the vampires get involved. There’s a lot of violence in the whole thing.”  Can't wait for this!

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“I think it is hard to be Sookie because of her obvious attraction to all three men,” says Moyer, Paquin’s real-life husband of almost a year. “There’s yearning and longing, lust and protection from those three relationships. And it’s very difficult for her to choose, and she doesn’t want to choose, either.”  Paquin quips, “Well, obviously that’s really rough,” and while we don't know the future of their romance onscreen, it's pretty clear that the duo are happily married IRL.  As for Moyer's character, he says, “Bill’s trying to do the right thing.  If he’s learned anything from the past, it is that he wants to be a decent man, and that ultimately means that he has to do the right thing by everybody. But that sometimes involves making difficult decisions.”

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