The Amazing Spider-Man co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have yet to confirm the rumors that they're an item, but the duo went on a dinner date in downtown Los Angeles last night, and it seems like they're definitely more than just friends!

An eyewitness tells Hollywire exclusively that Stone and Garfield arrived together at Pete's Cafe and Bar around 8:30pm on Sunday evening, and the lovebirds sat down at a table behind a closed curtain at the eatery.  Stone looked absolutely stunning in a form-fitting white outfit, and Garfield kept it casual with a button-down shirt and jeans.  "They just seemed like a normal couple enjoying dinner together," the restaurant patron tells Hollywire.

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Exclusive date details

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At Comic-Con Stone told reporters that Garfield was initially one of the reasons she was drawn to the movie, and she added that the first time she saw him in the Spider-Man suit, she couldn't keep her hands off of him!  "I walked in and he was in the full Spider-Man suit," she said.  "Scratching my a**," Garfield quipped.  "Yeah, which was great," Stone says. "I went in and I needed to stand next to him in the camera test, and I think I really just inappropriately started touching him, and he was like 'Stop touching me.' It was pretty incredible because you couldn't see his face, you just saw Spider-Man."  Hey, we can't say we blame her!

It was previously reported that sparks flew between the two on the set of the upcoming Spider-Man prequel, and though close friends have known about the romance for quite some time, they're still trying to keep it quiet.  Stone and Garfield have yet to be photographed together, but it's only a matter of time before they get snapped by the paparazzi, especially if they keep going on lovey dovey dinner dates...

What do YOU think about Emdrew?  All the Hollywire girls have the hots for Andrew, but we've also got a bit of a girl crush on Emma, so we're a bit torn!

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