Jennifer Aniston is currently happily dating her new beau Justin Theroux, but it was just a few years ago in 2005 that she famously divorced from actor Brad Pitt when he started dating Angelina Jolie.

While rumors still seem to surface that Aniston hasn't completely gotten over what happened between she and Pitt, the 42-year-old actress has revealed that she actually moved on a long time ago - by starring in a romantic comedy!  Ironically, it was Jen's 2006 film The Break Up that helped her move on from her real-life break up!

"It was a beautiful, human story about a couple breaking up," Aniston said during an appearance on Inside The Actor's Studio.  "You know, I was slightly familiar on the topic and the issue."

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Jennifer confessed that starring in a film that dealt with issues she was going through in her real life was a "great way to exorcise" some of what she was going through.  Of course, the real help could've really been the new relationship Jen gained from the flick!  She dated her co-star Vince Vaughn for about a year after filming wrapped up.

Aniston revealed that the movie's producers were even sensitive to her feelings when asking her to sign on for the film, but to that she just had to say, "I was like, why not?  Turn the page, let's move on!"

"I enjoyed it," Jennifer said, of filming the movie. "You'd think otherwise."

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