Justin Bieber has been going at it non stop for more than a year now, and for a 17-year-old, the stress of the Hollywood biz can get pretty overwhelming!  That's why Bieber has finally decided to take a month off and get some time to himself.

The Baby singer discussed his limited free time with The Hollywood Reporter, as well as what inspired his newest scent Someday and his work with charities.  While Bieber has mentioned he will start working on another studio album soon, a follow-up to his 2010 My World 2.0, first comes a short break before getting back in the studio. "It's been great to think and enjoy hanging out with my friends.  I'm still growing up, and when you're working every day, you don't really get a chance to figure out who you are.  So with the time off, I'm able to think, pray, and just kind of grow up," he said.

Justin Bieber at the ESPY Awards

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During that time off, Bieber has already been spotted hanging out with his pal Chris Brown as well as crashing a wedding with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.  However, Bieber's break comes right off his release of a brand new perfume, Someday, which is projected to be the highest selling fragrance of 2011!  "I thought it would be successful because it's a good smell no matter what, but to be the number one fragrance?  That's amazing," Bieber gushed.

However, although the perfume has been so successful, Bieber notes that the main reason for creating it in the first place was to give back.  "When I was on tour last summer, I had Make-A-Wish in most cities," he explained. "For so many people, their wish was to meet me, and when they did, they were so hopeful and that's a great feeling.  I just wanted to help as many people as I could."

Bieber also added that while he likes to give back, he also tries to motivate his fans "to make difference as much as they can."

What do you think of Bieber taking some time off?!

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