But it's not what you think!

Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene may be moving in together, but not to worry: they're just friends, and the whole plan seems pretty convenient when you think about it!

Kellan tells E! Online that he's considering splitting an apartment with his Twilight co-star so they can both be bi-coastal.  "I was talking to Ashley about maybe sharing a place out here in New York," Kellan told E! last night at DKNY's Summer Sunglass Soiree in NYC.  "We're never here at the same time but we both love New York. So we'd be rooommates without being roommates ... more like housemates!"

Kellan Lutz Ashley Green Twilight co-stars

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Of course, if Kellan walks around the apartment dressed like this, we're not sure how long the "just friends" thing will last, but they've known each other for years, so we're sure Ash is used to his buff bod by now!

So what did the hunky star have to say about promoting Breaking Dawn? "I really look forward to the tours," he said. "I love the premieres, I love the fan conventions, but shooting the movie is kind of the tough part. It's so long being away and it's gloomy where we shoot. I'm not sad that we're actually done with the movie because we have all these other amazing things coming up."

Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures