Victoria Beckham has recently insisted that she will not pose naked during her pregnancy because she felt that only her hubby David Beckham has the right to see her baby bump.

However, David had a different idea, and the soccer stud was much more keen on showing his wife's sexy baby bump off to the world, because he snapped a pic of Victoria sunbathing and posted it to Facebook for the world to see!

"Took this pic of Victoria while she wasn't looking.  She looks amazing, so close now to the baby being born!" he said of the photograph.

Victoria Beckham, baby bump, sunbathing

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Although Victoria previously had doubts about showing off her baby bump, this beautiful pic should certainly change her mind -- especially because it was photographed by her husband himself with no fancy lighting tricks.  That's right -- she actually looks that perfect while sunbathing pregnant!

The Beckhams already have three children, but this baby will be their first girl, something the fashionable Mrs. Beckham is very excited about! 

What do you think of this hot pic of Victoria?!

Photos Courtesy Of Facebook / David Beckham