There was no doubt that the 2011 MTV Video Music Awardsbelonged to Ms. Britney Spears herself – and maybe a little Lady Gaga. But themuch-anticipated tribute to the Queen of Pop left the singer honored andhumbled after she accepted the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award.

"It was really crazy. I had no idea what to expect," Spears toldMTV News. "The kids were amazing and so entertaining, and it was a reallyfun night. It was really cool. I was like, 'Wow, that's really sweet!'"

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Britney Spears Calls VMA Tribute 'An Honor'

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The tribute included a combination of Brit Brit’s songs that had young girlsdancing and dressed in Spears’ most iconic music video outfits.

"I loved the little girl in the 'Slave' outfit," she said."She was just so tiny and she delivered and she had such a greatperformance. ... They were all so great, and you could tell they worked reallyhard."

Um, and let’s not forget about her almost kiss with Lady Gaga’s alter maleego, Jo Calderone! When asked about the moment backstage minutes afteraccepting her award, Spears let everyone in on a little secret: it was totallyunplanned!

"She was in full character!" Spears said. "We just gotonstage and we just kind of felt it out; we didn't know what was going on, soit was interesting!"

What did you guys think of the Britney tribute? Totally loved it or not somuch?

Photos Courtesy of Fame Pictures