Justin Bieber comes out on top again! The teen star wasnamed by People magazine as the richest teenager in Hollywood, bringing in 53million from May 2010 to May 2011!

With sold out concerts and loads of merchandise, it’s nosurprise that the Biebs snagged the number one spot. But it was actually his 3Dconcert film Never Say Never that helped him bring in the big bucks. Earning$100 million at the box office, he topped the list, along with former HannahMontana star Miley Cyrus with 48 million dollars.

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Justin Bieber Named Richest Teen in Hollywood

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Never Say Never turned out to be the highest grossingconcert film of all time, beating out the King of Pop Micheal Jackson’s This IsIt and other teen star Cyrus’ Best of Both Worlds.

Bieber’s love Selena Gomez also took a spot on the list,bringing in five million, followed by Jaden and Willow Smith with nine millioncombined.

What do you think? Who do you think should have made thelist?

Photos Courtesy of Fame Pictures