It must be tough for teen queen Selena Gomez to be out on the road touring and not seeing her boyfriend Justin Bieber everyday, but even if the Monte Carlo starlet wanted to get away from the BF for a few days, with his fame, it's just not always possible!

Fortunately, Gomez and Bieber are still madly in love, so when Selena found a cardboard cutout of Justin in a store next to a display with his perfume, she couldn't resist blowing him a kiss - and, of course, taking a picture so all of us can see how adorable she is!

And as if running into lifesize cutouts of her man isn't enough, Selena also keeps him close by during her tour by performing a song while sitting on a cooler with Justin's pictures on it - awwwww!

Selena Gomez Finds Justin Bieber on the Road

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While Selena and Justin were in complete denial of their relationship back in the fall and early winter, the two can't seem to keep their hands off each other these days.  Gomez recently opened up to Star magazine about her relationship, saying, "I just continue to try to be as normal as possible.  Of course it's tough sometimes, but I'm going to be with whomever I want.  That's living my life." 

The 19-year-old also added that she and Justin don't let their fame keep them from doing anything any other couple would do. "We don't even think about where we go.  We just like being together," she explained.

However, although the two love being together so much, they may have to spend some of the next few weeks apart.  Justin has made it out to a few of Selena's shows during her We Own The Night tour, but he isn't by her side 24/7.  Of course, Gomez has found other ways to entertain herself - like hitting up Harry Potter world with her back-up dancers!

What do you think of Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber!? Are they going to last!?

Photos Courtesy of: Twitter/Selena Gomez