Up and coming starlet, Elizabeth Olsen shows off her sassy side on the cover of the October 2011 issue of Nylon Magazine. With 5 movies currently in the works, including her break out role in the Sundance film, Martha Marcy May Marlene -- Olsen is one talent to keep an eye on this year!

The 22-year-old actress told the mag about starting her career in theatre, and what it was like growing up with celebrity sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Check out more pictures from the magazine and snippets from the interview, here!


Looking spunky casual with a dollop of edge, the youngest Olsen sports Levi shorts, a graphic tee, a Diesel Jacket and chunky accessories on the mag cover. With her Sundance flick hitting theatres this October, you can also expect to see the gal in 4 other films -- one that has her playing opposite one of our fav Hollywood fellas, Zack Efron! Lucky lady might we add!

Talking about the beginning of her career, Lizzie chats about what it was like starting in theatre. "I just always thought that theater was different from being an actor in Hollywood for some reason. It was like this safe place where people aren't harassed. But I was apprehensive because I saw how brutal people can be when other people put themselves out there."

elisabeth olsen- nylon magazine 2011

And what in the world was it like growing up as a little minion to such powerful twins? Lizzie explains her side of the story, "I have to attribute the way I have always looked at [work] to my father, because he was a really good influence on us. It was always very important to him that his daughters be financially independent. He wanted us to know that we could take care of ourselves, because he never liked the idea of us needing a man. And witnessing how my sisters can take care of themselves financially was a great model to have. I consider myself lucky to have such a normal family."

For more on the interview you can head to NylonMag.com or pick up the October 2011 Issue that hits stands this week!

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