One of our favorite vampires, Kellan Lutz shows off his sexy abs on the cover of GQ Style Australias September issue. The 26-year-old actor posed for photographer Robbie Fimmano and shared tips with the magazine on how he keeps his rock hard bod in perfect shape!

Check out more pics of the Twilight hottie below, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Kellan Lutz Covers GQ Style Mag -Sept- 2011

With a booming career and now a new clothing line (Abbot+Main) in the works, it seems like making time to keep himself in tip top shape would be a challenge. None the less, the Twilight hottie always makes times and even has a fun outdoorsy workout routine, "I get bored working out inside, so the beach has been my place lately," Lutz explained to the mag. "I run, I swim, I play paddleball, basketball, do some mixed martial arts. I like mixing this up," he added.

Kellan Lutz -GQ Magazine Pics- Sept - 2011

Well, whatever it is he is doing seems to be working out just fine!

For more of Kellan’s interview and pics, head on over to and check out some behind-the-scenes video from his cover shoot! 

What do you think of Kellan's GQ snap shots? Which one do you love the most?