Orlando Bloom has to be one of thee hottest men in Hollywood and that hotness shows on the October cover of Men's Health magazine.

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Orlando Bloom

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Orlando, who is starring in the upcoming Three Musketeers movie, talked about defeating his doubts and how he will never stop taking risks. Orlando stated, "I call [doubts] my mind critters. Can I defeat myself? I really like going downhill on a mountain bike, and if I just feather the front brake and let it roll, I'm fine. But if I'm not in that zone and I clutch the brake, boom, I'm over the handlebars. Or worse."

So how does the Pirates of the Caribbean star keep himself safe, "I pad up. I estimate it's saved me tens of thousands of dollars in medical fees. I do fly quite close to the wind."

"Fear is not a friend of mine. But it's something to have a healthy awareness of," Orlando said. Despite being a new father, the young actor plans to keep taking risks, saying, "I can't stop living. It would ruin my creativity, the person I am."

What do you think about Orlando's risk taking?

Photo courtesy of Men's Health