One of my very favorite bands, Jack's Mannequin released their newest album, People and Things this week, and I couldn't be more amped about it! Lucky for me (and you), I got the chance to sit down with the bands very talented lead singer and pianist, Andrew McMahon, to talk about the albums inspiration and what's next for the spunky American rock band!

NOTE: if you're already a fan like myself, I bet this interview will make you love the music mastermind that much more! Peep the interview below.

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For many, Jack's Mannequin along with McMahon's other band Something Corporate bring back memories of middle school and high school adolescent antics. Coming a long way since his 1998 Something Corporate days where much of his music encompasses itself around young love and adventures, McMahon's newest album lends itself to a more mature and synth heavy sound.

When describing People and Things, McMahon says, "It's a record about relationships in a big way, both romantic and otherwise. It's about friendships and its about just what those things look like as you get into your late 20s i guess."

andrew mcmahon - jacks's mannequin - people and things interview- 2011

On this album, McMahon had a lending hand from a good friend of his, Matt Thiessen from the popular American rock band, Relient K. One particular story he shares with me is that they found themselves like giddy young boys as they wrote music. He mentions his wife walking by the room where they were writing and commenting about them sounding like young boys playing with their G.I. Joes. 

Overall, People and Things is a stellar album that combines the perfect formula of pop sensibilities, sprinkled with rock attitude and roughness. McMahon's well-crafted lyrics, infectious tunes and up-beat piano accompaniment remind us of why we started following this man's musical career in the first place!

If you haven't checked out the album yet, do so now! And, let us know which song is your new favorite to rock out to!?