Demi Lovato gives us a sneak peek look into her busy life via this behind the scenes video of her photo shoot for her album, Unbroken. Looking beautiful and confident, Lovato continues to be a role model to her fans with the message that, 'no obstacle is too big to overcome!'

Take a peek at the video below!

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Recently announcing her world tour dates, the 19-year-old actress/musician, also admitted it's hard to stay grounded when on the road. In her personal Seventeen blog, she explains how she has learned to keep herself both balanced & healthy, "To stay strong and healthy in the midst of the craziness, it’s really important to me to try to find a balance between work and personal time," Demi writes. "I love what I do so much that sometimes it’s tough to tell the difference! But to make sure I find time for myself, I think about my family and friends and fans who support me no matter what — it’s that unwavering love that helps me stay calm and focused."

Demi Lovato behind the scenes unbroken video - 2011

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And, when it comes to keeping herself healthy, "I try to make time for naps if I have to get up really early," she says. "I also make sure to drink hot tea with honey when I am talking a lot during interviews or singing on stage every day. And luckily, dancing and staying active also helps me to feel healthy and happy. But performing takes a lot of energy so I have to make sure I eat enough and get plenty of sleep."

I personally always love behind the scenes videos such as this one, what do you think about it!?

Are you falling even more in love with Demi as she continues to overcome her obstacles?