Everybodyhas heard the rumors that the cast of Glee are nothing but a bunch of frenemieson the set, but Jane Lynch is ready to set that record straight! She sat downwith E! and spoke about a certain Gleek who she calls her hero in her new book,Happy Thoughts.

Sowho’s the one the one man on the hit show that Lynch looks up too? ChrisColfer!

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Jane Lynch Gushes About Her 'Glee' Costars!

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"Infull view of the public eye he has allowed his own sexual orientation to beknown not only to himself, but to the world completely publicly," she said."And his character is going through the same thing and he has done it withsuch grace and such style and with such maturity that's really beyond his years."

Anddon’t believe all that you see on TV, folks. It may appear that she despisesher costar Matthew Morrison, when actually it’s the complete opposite!

He'sperhaps one of my favorite people in life," she revealed. "He's avery funny, witty but completely without cynicism guy and I love locking eyeswith him everyday. I love seeing him everyday and I have great affection forhim. And he's so darn talented and so charming!"

Whatdo you think about Jane Lynch loving her costars?!

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