Joe Jonas' debut solo album Fast Life hits shelves today and we have to admit, the tunes are pretty darn stellar.  The 22-year-old singer sat down with UCLA's newspaper, The Daily Bruin, to dish all about his new music. 

Joe also admitted he has dreams of collaborating with Adele and Kanye West and revealed what advice he received from his brother Nick!  Check out our favorite highlights from the interview!

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"It’s definitely different. There are times when I miss them a lot. I get to see them quite a bit but at the same time … there are occasions that I just wish I could get on stage and be with them and play songs we’ve written together these past few years," said Joe about making music sans his brothers. "It can also be a very lonely experience. When you’re on tour traveling, you don’t realize how fun it is to be with your brothers both onstage and hanging out. Because you go from the stage to the hotel, spend time at the hotel all day, and now on days off, you’re just by yourself."

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As for the advice his brother Nick, who also embarked on a solo career, gave him?  "I remember going to write my record and he said, 'Listen, I want you to be able to go and find the sound you want to go with.' A lot of times, it’s easy for other artists to pinpoint where they want to go musically … I just needed to find that time for myself and find that sound I wanted to go with. (My brothers) both said to have fun, so they let me take that path by myself and … have a good time with it."

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"I love Swedish House Mafia and DJs. I’m also a fan of Deadmau5 and, along with that, there are beautiful vocalists like Adele and, I think, even Kanye West. I’d want to work with people that others wouldn’t expect me to work with," he said of who he hopes to collaborate with in the future. 

To read Joe's full interview, head to The Daily Bruin.

Would you want to hear Joe collaborate with Adele or Kanye West?!

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