These two are just such cute bestfriends! It wasn’t too long ago when Taylor Lautner called Kristen Stewart“very cute,” and now she is returning the compliment in a different sort ofway!

Lautner takes over the cover of GQAustralia and his co-star gave a little insight on what Taylor is REALLY like.

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Kristen Stewart: "Taylor Lautner Is Like A Puppy"

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“He’s literally like a puppy,” shesaid about Taylor. “There is a lot of downtime on set. I’d throw food in hismouth. Taylor is like one of those wind-up toys. You put 20 cents in and heruns around, then he crashes. At lunch, he has a Red Bull and he’s back up.When I hear him talk about girls it’s like, Awww.”

By the looks of it, we would have toagree that Taylor seems like a pretty sweet, down-to-earth guy. And we have afeeling a number of other girls would agree!

What do you think about Kristen’scompliment for Taylor?

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