Russell Brand had quite a tough time getting into Canada toperform for thousands of fans, but he’s not letting anything or anyone stop himthis time around!

"CANADIANS!I am coming to your country, where I shall once more unite the commonwealth. wecannot be stopped!" he tweeted.

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Russell Brand Heads To Canada...For Real This Time!

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The funnyman and Katy Perry’s otherhalf was denied entry into Canada earlier this month and after a series oftweets saying that customs refused to let him into the country, he tweeted, I'msorry. I can't enter Canada. We must abolish the borders between our nationsAND our minds."

The real truth of the story was that none of that actually really happened!Turns out it was a faulty plane that caused the cancelled show.

The Russell Brand Live! show has been rescheduled for December 8,so you guys better run out and get your tickets now!

What do you think about Russell’s Twitter prank?

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