Selena Gomez started off this week giving us a glimpse of her gangster side, and by the end of the week acquired a new gig that can be described as a 'Hot Mess'. Although it may sound like things were a little off for the 19-year-old starlet, we can assure you her past 7-days were something we may or may not be a tad jealous of.

Check out today's Hollywire Hot Minute dedicated to Selena Gomez and her fabulous week in review!

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So, why did Gomez decide to show off her MC skills and go straight up gangsta' on us? Well, the little lady showed up in baggy pants and a do-rag for a hilarious MTV EMA promo, where she rapped about herself hosting the awards show -- which airs November 11th.

Continuing to tweet about the awards show and her excitement of being involved, Gomez even received a tweet from Fireworks singer, Katy Perry who wished her luck on her hosting gig saying, " CHOLA! I'm VERY excited u bringin' some spice 2 da EMA's! Hope to see u there! Member, a good host changes at least 12 times... " Pretty neat!

In other Selena news, it was also just annouced that she will be starring in the book turned movie, Hot Mess --a project which made the infamous Hollywood Blacklist, a list of the best un-produced scripts circling tinsel town. The soon to be movie is about four girlfriends who make, and then break, a list of rules devised to get the guys of their dreams and discover their inner hot messes in the process.

While the other 3 spots have yet to be cast, I am definitely hoping for a Disney reunion with this one! Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Debby Ryan perhaps!? Thoughts?

Let me know who you'd like to see cast alongside Selena in this upcoming flick!?