It seems that Justin Bieber can do no wrong, but even sometimes, the perfect teen star runs into some trouble!  That's exactly what happened to Justin on Wednesday, when cops pulled him over in his custom Cadillac.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the Biebs was leading a "ridiculous 3-car motorcade" in Los Angeles, with his buddy Sean Kingston following him in a Rolls Royce, and another friend following in a range rover.  He was pulled over, along with both other cars, after cutting off a police officer.  Luckily for the Misletoe singer, he got off with nothing more than a warning!

Justin Bieber Attends Do Something Awards

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Although Bieber did get pulled over, he did so in style!  The custom car he was driving had a "JB" logo on the side and batmobile symbols on the front and back.  PLUS, the word "batmobile" was written on the trunk!  Talk about a new driver's dream car!  This isn't the first time Justin has been pulled over, though.  Back in July, he got pulled over in Florida driving a brand new convertible Rolls Royce because the officer thought he looked too young to be driving.

It's a good thing Bieber isn't in any serious law trouble, too, because his brand new Christmas album is coming out in just a few days!  Who is excited?!

Do you think Justin should've gotten more than a warning?!

Photos courtesy of: Fame Pictures