Marc Jacobs is in hot water due to a procovative advertisment featuring 17-year-old powerhouse Dakota Fanning. The British watchdog group Advertising Standards Authority has banned the ad for Marc Jacobs' "Oh Lola!" fragrance from magazines and billboards, due to the fact that it "portrays children in a sexual manner."

We don't have to break it down to show why this campaign might be suggestive, but whether it crosses a line is certainly subjective.

Dakota Fanning in Marc Jacobs Ad

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Marc Jacobs released a statement this week defending the ad. In it, he said, "It was our pleasure to work with Dakota Fanning for the Oh, Lola! campaign. She is a smart, pretty, interesting, talented young woman and we would never have suggested an advertising concept that we thought was inappropriate. I believe she is also very thoughtful about the projects she takes on and would not have done something that she felt was in questionable taste. It’s really unfortunate that people have taken anything negative from what we believe is a really good campaign and one that so perfectly embodies the fragrance.”

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We definitely love Dakota and believe that she meant no harm with this ad, but we're not as sure of the intentions of the advertising agency itself! In any case, Marc Jacobs shouldn't be too sad about it, because this scandal is certainly giving him a lot of free press!!

So tell us: Do you think this ad is inappropriate or not!?