The U.K. magazine Heat has named 22-year-old Daniel Radcliffe Britain's wealthiest star under the age of 30. The Harry Potter star has racked up a $82.7 million fortune with his acting career and the next highest celebrity came in millions behind.

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Daniel Radcliffe

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Second place went to Kiera Knightley, who at 26-years-old has made $49.3 million in her career. Then there's the infamous Robert Pattinson, who stole the hearts of young girls around the world as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga, who has raked in an impressive $39.8 million.

But Radcliffe isn't the only one who came out of the Harry Potter series a multi-millionaire. Co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have earned $38.2 million and $34.7 million, respectively. While Kiera has proved her value outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it will be interesting to see how profitable the Harry Potter and Twilight stars will be now that their blockbuster franchises are coming to a close.

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