So we're halfway through the work week which could mean one of two things: you're already all pumped up for the weekend or you're all burned out and in a bit of a funk. For those of you in a funk, Hollywire has your remedy: a viral video break. Last week we brought you the Muppets, Justin Bieber and The Annoying Orange and now we're back with a few more hilarious vids to share.

Let's start things off with what I believe to be the cutest video of the week, Beyonce's behind the scenes of "Countdown." The mom-to-be is adorable as can be as she repeatedly says the headline from a tabloid: 'Oh, baby.' Short, sweet and makes us love her even more (if that's possible).


 Justin Bieber has been busy getting his fans into the Christmas spirit with his highly successful CD Under The Mistletoe, but the young singer has some competition. A flash mob has gone all out to spread the holiday cheer at mall in New Jersey. Check out Mall Santa Musical!


The most buzzed-about vid of the week has to be TEENS IN THE WILD, which has reached an astounding 5,924,300 views since being uploaded on November 4th. In this hilarious video, wilderness expert George Zazz documents the "illusive and strange species of homosapien known as the wild teenager."

Rounding out the funniest videos of the week is Katherine Heigl's crude humor on Funny or Die. Katherine has a weakness for cookies and loves being a wife and mom, but one thing the she can't stand is BALLS!! The actress shares her disgust for balls in this hilarious Funny or Die video, in which she determines that there are no pros to having them.

That's all for this week's viral vid roundup. If you've got any tips on some hot videos to share for next week, tweet at us @HOLLYWIRE with the hashtag #GoViral!