Happy Hump Day, y'allz. With the week half over, we thought that you deserve a break from the daily grind. And what better way to do that than with a mess of viral videos? Specifically, Rebecca Black's Person of Interest -- her first music video since Friday!

Check out her vid and other hilarious/awesome viral clips below!

Rebecca Black imploded the Internet with her debut music video Friday. She's finally back with this follow-up called Person of Interest. It's got all the makings of a tween fairytale: an arcade, a mini-golf course and a boy with Bieber bangs.


Emma Stone hosted SNL this past weekend for the second time, and she was hilarious yet again. Our favorite was her bit in a running sketch called The Secret Word. Emma plays a beauty queen who makes out with mannequins. And Kristen Wiig rocks at, you know, being Kristen Wiig.


Inspired by his movie 50-50 (and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's good looks), this 26-year-old girl battling cancer asks Jo-Go out on a date. It's charming, touching and also, the girl is cute, Joseph! I hope he goes for it.

I sincerely hope you're all familiar with the amazing YouTube sensation Marcel The Shell. If not, we insist you watch the first vid, along with this perfect follow-up video. Need some background? Marcel is a tiny shell (with shoes on) that talks. What more do you need?

Even kitten videos pale in comparison to a good clip of a celeb before he was famous. Here we see a young Stephen Colbert in a FirsTier Bank commercial...if only the banks had Colbert as their spokesperson now, they might not be so, well, despised.

I hope you enjoyed this commercial break from reality. We'll be trolling the web for picks for next week, feel free to throw us some suggestions in the comments below! Otherwise, don't worry, celebs will inevitably offer up some web video gems in the days to come. Whether they intended to or not...

And we gotta ask... did you like Rebecca Black's new vid??