What was supposed to be another fun night out on the townturned into an evening gone array! Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland afterreportedly getting into a brawl at a bar with boyfriend and former Finnish BigBrother winner Sauli Koskinen.

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Adam Lambert at AMAs with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen

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According to E! Online, it all went down at Don’t Tell Mamanight club – often referred to as DTM – at 4 a.m. Thursday. The two got into aheated argument inside the club about an unknown subject, which eventually ledthem outside.

While several onlookers tried to break the two up, some werestruck as well. Lambert and Koskinen were both arrested for assault and weretaken to the police station. But the good news in all of this is they were bothreleased after being questioned.

By the sounds of it, it must have been a REALLY intensediscussion between Lambert and his beau!

What do you think about Adam getting arrested?!

Photos Courtesy of Fame Pictures