We thought Justin Bieber couldn't get more endearing. Then he goes and brings up his 3-year-old sister Jazmyn onto the stage while performing in Toronto, Canada, and the two sing Baby together -- and that's just one sliver of this crazy-cute video. If you're in need of your daily dose of adorable -- do yourself a favor and watch this video!

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Umm, were we right or were we right?? That's some top-of-the-line cuteness. It's nice to see how close Justin is with his little sis, in spite of his career taking him away from home much of the time. And how precious is Jazzy's Justin-like haircut?

Bieber was in Toronto to film his latest concert special, Justin Bieber: Home for the Holidays. The Canadian-born pop star certainly felt right at home on stage in Toronto, as according to Celebuzz, his parents, grandparents and some of his childhood friends were there too!

I hope this means the Biebs will take the weekend off and spend Christmas with his family in Canada! That kid could use two days off.

How cute was that vid??

Video Courtesy of YouTube