Guess what Hollywire readers?? It's the last Go Viral Wednesday of 2011 and boy do we have a line-up for you!! Every week we here at Hollywire help our readers get through hump day with the top Internet videos that have gone viral. This week we have Zach Braff & Donald Faison singing a merry tune, a look at Modern Family turned horror movie, a little girl giving marketing advice and one of Funny or Die's top vids of 2011, Between the Ferns.

Getting into the holiday spirit, actors Zach Braff & Donald Faison showcase their vocal talents with their rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside. Dressed to the nines in black suits, paired with dark sunglasses and standing atop a hill with downtown LA in the backdrop, these two rock this classic tune.

Looking back at their Best of 2011, Funny or Die brings us Zach Galifianakis in Between the Ferns. This funny vid first hit the Internet back in January, but since then has racked up over 4.6 million views. In episode 12 Zach sits down with Tila Tequila and tries to make her his new BFF and then brings another guest onto his show, Jennifer Aniston, who Zach puts on the spot by asking which state would she choose to nuke to save the world. HILARIOUS!!


Getting back to the holiday season, one of Christmas' youngest shoppers, Riley, gives her take on marketing children's toys. Little Riley won the hearts of shoppers everywhere with her toy rant. Reaching almost 2 million views on YouTube, this viral video made Riley an instant celebrity.

This next vid is for all the fans of the new ABC comedy Modern Family. Some genius, trevorama, has taken footage from the hit comedy show and re-cut it to turn Modern Family into a horror movie. I love this video, even though it is a bit on the long side. It hasn't gained as many views as the other videos listed this week, but fans of the mashup are already putting in their request for more. First up How I Met Your Mother. Barney Stinson has had some pretty psychotic episodes.

Last we bring you Callin' Oates: The Hall And Oates Hotline. Can't get enough Hall and Oates just call (719-26-OATES) to hear one of Daryl Hall and John Oates songs for free. Daryl and John had nothing to do with the creation of the "Hall & Oates emergency" line, but are thrilled by the number of callers calling in to hear their music, TMZ reports. After calling the number you can choose between One on One, Rich Girl, Maneater or Private Eyes. 

Which viral vid was your fav this week?