As the end of 2011 nears, we can't help but to reflect on our our favorite tunes of the past year!

From Blink 182's Neighborhoods (yes, their first album in eight years!) to The Maine's self-produced record Pioneer, we have put together a list of our favorite rock albums of 2011!  Courtesy of our pals over at Sony Entertainment Network, peep the complete list of our top album choices and let us know which band was your absolute fave of the year! 

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We couldn't be happier for Blink 182's Mark, Tom & Travis.  After all this time, they still know how to record a smash record and put on a fantastic rock show (we saw them at the Hollywood Bowl and LOVED it).  While Wishing Well is an easy favorite off of Neighborhoods, we're also uber-obsessed with Ghost on the Dancefloor and After Midnight.  

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Honestly, what would this list be without Jack's Mannequin's 2011 album People and Things.  Andrew McMahon always has a way of putting our feelings into perfect words.  The first single off the record, My Racing Thoughts is catchy, fun and oh-so sweet.  We're also digging Amy, I and Television.  

2011 was clearly the year for Foster The People.  Torches is basically still on repeat in this office. Pumped Up Kicks, I Would Do Anything For You, Houdini.  All. So. Good. 

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We have to give props to The Maine for breaking away from Warner Bros. and self-producing their JUST released new album, Pioneer.  Every single song is perfect and shows growth and range from John O'callaghan & the gang.  Heroine is chic, sexy and an instant it.  Other faves include Identify, Don't Give Up On Us & Some Days.  

To listen to all of these tunes and more, just head over to Sony Entertainment Network and press play!  Cheers to more fantastic tunes in 2012!