With 2011 quickly coming to a close, us Hollywire gals are bringing you our favorites of 2011. So it's only natural that we'd kick off our list with the hottest guys we've been ogling all year.

While some of our crushes have been topping our lists for years, we've got a ton of swoon-worthy breakout stars to add in 2011. With success in movies, tv and music this year, we've got our final ten guys picked, so check out our list and let us know who YOU would add to it!

Ryan Gosling at 'Drive' Premiere, Zac Efron at 'New Year's Eve' Premiere, Bradley Cooper at 'The Hangover II' Premiere

Ryan Gosling - What a year it's been for this stud. He was a real hero in Drive, a political conspirator in The Ides of March, and... was, well, crazy, stupid hot in Crazy, Stupid, Love. And the Internet crushes HARD on Gosling. His F*@! Yeah, Ryan Gosling tumblr and now the Feminist Ryan Gosling tumblr are both amazing and you should follow immediately. Then watching him reading these Internet homages aloud brings it full circle. There was literally a protest when Gosling didn't receive People's title of Sexiest Man Alive. Hollywire didn't make it to the protest, but we were there in our hearts.

Zac Efron - It should come as no surprise that Zac has been topping our list for years, but now that he is finally single in 2011, we just can't get enough of him! Plus, we've been waiting months for Zac's star-studded flick New Year's Eve to come out, and now that it is, we've just fallen even more in love. He's certainly grown up from those High School Musical days, huh?!

Bradley Cooper - Cooper was named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2011 -- and while we may be committed to our Gosling crush, he certainly makes our list as well! With the crazy success of The Hangover II, Cooper was totally back on everyone's radar this year. AND after breaking up with Renee Zellweger earlier in the year, he's totally single now . Also, we're pretty sure his fluent French interview clenched his position as Sexiest Man Alive. Mon dieu!

Michael Fassbender, Chris Hemsworth, Tyler Posey, Anton Yelchin

Michael Fassbender - 2011 was a big year for Fassbender. The German-born actor played a Nazi-killing superhero in X-Men: First Class, a Swiss psychiatrist in A Dangerous Method and now is garnering Oscar buzz for his performance in the gritty film Shame (as a sex addict, no less). We hope he wins the Oscar, but with his light blue eyes and devilish smile, he's already won our hearts (aww).

Chris Hemsworth - It was difficult to decide which Hemsworth brother would make the list (we were all about Liam in 2010), but after seeing him play the Norse god/Marvel superhero Thor  we had to go with Chris. Seriously, there's a reason why YouTube users edit together his shirtless Thor scenes on a loop. We have a feeling this guy might stickin' around for a while, too. In 2012 he'll star in The Avengers and Snow White & The Huntsman (opposed K.Stew). But sorry, ladies - he's happily married!

Tyler Posey - If you thought the vampire/werewolf obsession was coming to an end with Twilight dwindling down to its last film, you thought wrong! Posey made werewolves hotter than EVER in his hit MTV show Teen Wolf, which aired over the summer. This young hottie is TOTALLY someone we'll be keeping on our radar for 2012.

Anton Yelchin - Ever since we fell in love with the flick Like Crazy, we couldn't help but fall in love its leading guy too, and up-and-coming actor, Anton -- won't you please join us in crushing on this dreamy man? Yelchin's definitely someone you'll want to keep on your Hot Guy list as he makes a name for himself in Hollywood! 

Cody Simpson at Kids Choice Awards; Justin Bieber Sings at Rockefeller Lighting; Josh Bowman at Brits Week 2011

Cody Simpson - Coming all the way from Australia, Simpson is the youngest lad to make our list.  He's been considered the Bieber of Australia -- and that information alone is more than enough to catch our attention.  However, we can't take away from Simpsons' US music success this year, either! And with teen fame comes teen romance -- he's  recently been linked to someone from a VERY famous family -- Kylie Jenner!

Justin Bieber - A crush list isn't complete without every teenage girl's ultimate: the Biebs! Not only did the teen singer release his concert documentary Never Say Never, which took in big bucks at the box office, but he's also continued touring and even released a Christmas album with a ton of big name collaborations.  Like it or not, he's stickin' around for a loooooong time. Unfortunately it seems like he might be OFF the market for a long time too, though - his high-profile relationship with Selena Gomez is stronger than ever.

Josh Bowman - Topping off our list is another up-and-coming actor, who has caught our attention by playing the handsome progeny of Hampton's elite in ABC's Revenge. With a guest role on Make It or Break It, as well as a starring role alongside the ever-popular Miley Cyrus in So Undercover, it's no shock that Bowman's made a name for himself in 2011.

Who is YOUR biggest crush of 2011!?  Did we leave anyone important off the list?!

Photos Courtesy of: Fame Pictures